Friday, April 26, 2013

I emptied the tiny test kiln this morning. These slips look promising, but I will find out the true colors once they're glazed. It was a bit of guesswork on some of these mason stains, particularly the green ones, which are all dark; but after putting swatches of them in paint shop pro and lightening them, I got an idea of what they would look like if I use smaller percentages. These tests are reflecting what I saw in paint shop pro, so that's another tool to use in the future. It's still hit and miss guess work; but it's a lot better than starting with ten or 15% when you know you don't want something that dark.

Now that breakfast is over, and some living room paperwork tidying has been done, I need to get in the garden for a bit to hand water and uncover the seedlings, and then start cooking. Our son is coming over for dinner and I have to make some stock for our soup first course and cut up a couple of chickens for the chicken Cacciatori. At some point in the afternoon while the chicken is cooking I'd like to get in the studio and glaze these tiles.

They're supposed to be shipping my Peter Pugger today, but I'll call them to make sure that is still on schedule. It's going to be 86 degrees today, so I'd better close for now and get this garden work done while it's still cool.

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