Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ruthanne Tudball unique centering technique for plates and platters.

Here's a Ruthanne Tudball video showing s different way to center clay for a plate or platter. With this method, you only just have to center the rim if you want a traditional, round. If you don't want to center the rim, you can just leave it slightly off center and get an interesting reticulated edge, with a bit more visual movement.

There hasn't been a lot of time for the studio, but I did get a bucket of very pale, Titanium yellow slip  batched and dipped a few small pots and got a couple of test tiles dipped. This yellow slip was the one our daughter picked from all the yellows I tested, which she felt more closely matched her commercial set of dishes that she uses for her tea parties. So now I'm just waiting for these to dry so I can get them bisqued in the tiny test kiln and make sure the batch matches the original test before I throw her requested tea pot.

The house, major computer cleanup, finally figuring out how to backup using Jcloud and seedling care kept me busy yesterday. This morning was spent sketching some decorating ideas for some more yunomis and mugs I want to throw tomorrow. I've been backing up my files for over 30 hours and have less than 40% of them backed up. Seems I would have to pay more to speed up the backup. I think stand alone hard drives are the same price and work a lot faster.

An order of under glazes, along with a lovely liner brush and brush holder arrived from Dick Blicks this afternoon, so I headed to the studio and got those  under glazes on to a bisqued test tile and got the slipped pots cleaned up.

After making a nice pasta dinner and enjoying the lovely wine that Jim selected, I'm ready to retreat to the bedroom for some mindless Brit coms for the rest of the night. It's been a good day.


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