Thursday, April 18, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

Few more mug shapes I'm playing with. The two with spiral design are shapes that worked well for me in soda/salt but I'm clueless at this point about how to decorate those two for cone 04, other than a solid glaze. The other one looks like it will offer more decorating choices.

I also got three more slip tests done and on to tiles and will continue that after lunch. There's room in the tiny test kiln for a few more of these, and I'm hoping to get that firing Saturday or Sunday.

Feeling guilty about getting so little studio time lately, and when I do I'm screwing up. Lost a few yunomis yesterday - they melted before my eyes after slipping them.  Looks like earthenware pots have to be a bit thicker to take the thicker slip, unless of course, you enjoy watching your pots self destruct before you eyes, doing their imitation of ice cream melting on a hot driveway in August. Slipping soda/salt pots was a lot easier. Lesson learned - I hope.

This morning I got my new wireless keyboard unpacked and working and Jim, a proudly self proclaimed Luddite of the first order (the man wrote two books on yellow note pads), got his new, not so smart cell phone. I'm prepared to hear a lot of bitchin and complaing for the rest of the day. It took him a couple of months to take the GPS I gave him out of the box, and waited till our son-law arrived to tell him how to use it. On second thought, maybe I should just get way out of his way today. :-) He's been on the phone an hour so far trying to get them to walk through getting the phone set up, transferring his minutes and making sure his triple minutes are showing.

After breakfast I got a lot of my tomato seedlings transplanted into bigger pots and outside to start hardening off. But I ran out of potting soil, so I'm heading out to our local Grange Co-op to get another bag so I can continue that after dinner or tomorrow morning. It's been a good day - just having to switch gears back and forth between gardening and studio chores.


  1. I like the middle mug best but the one on the right would stack nicely.

  2. Those mug shapes are beautiful. I like the subtle spiral mark on the middle one. It breaks up the form nicely.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. My daughter emailed me and she too, like the middle one one; but I had to tell her it's not going to look like the high fire soda/salt one of the same shape. This is earthenware, with white or very pale yellow slip and is going to be a very different pot.