Thursday, April 11, 2013

Great new trim tool to make from bamboo

Thanks to Lee Love for making this video available. Unfortunately I don't think my few pieces of very dry timber bamboo from my garden in Florida, will do the trick. Maybe I can find someone locally who is growing some of the larger bamboo and get a fresh piece. Or maybe I can just steam one of the pieces I have and see if I can cut a strip. Hmmm!

My check is in the mail for the new Peter Pugger mixer; or will be as soon as Jim walks down to the mail box. I'm a bit late with emails because my server was down last night and until about 15 minutes ago. But breakfast is done, seedlings are watered, and I'll do email until the heating cooling people arrive to do the spring maintenance on our system.

Once they leave I can get to the studio and finish the last two pots that I left last night, and figure out where I'm going to put the items which are now taking space on the table which I will need the pugmill. Lastly, I need to sort and store a lot of test tiles and other items which are now taking up my entire slab roller. With the  pugmill arriving in two weeks or maybe sooner , I'll be putting both that slab roller and the extruder to work.

It's amazing how much more work you can put out when you have the pug mill mixing, wedging and de-airing clay. You use your energy to make pots and you never have to angst about making a mistake. If it doesn't work, just throw the clay back in the pugmill and let it do the donkey work. For us ancient ones it's a lifesaver and for you youngsters, it can save your body down the line. I may even ask Santa to give me one of those clay centering gizmos next. My arthritic neck and spine would really appreciate that. Think I'll leave extra cookies for Saint Nick this year. :-)


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  1. Starting out with a nice even 3" pug is about like automatic centering for 2 or 3 lb pots.