Monday, July 14, 2014

West Virginia potter needs help after a house and studio fire

West Virginia potter Dan Templeton had a house fire that destroyed his home and studio and is in need of donations and equipment and such........donations can be sent to Dan Templeton 1106 North Fork Road
Wheeling West Virginia 26003. He has use of a wheel already but is need of ribs and other small tools and any money donations will help him get backup and potting. Dan makes wonderful traditional style salt glazed pots in the 18th century American nature.......a great guy with a lot of talent. from Ken Westfall

I'll be going in the studio when we get back from my morning gardening chores at our sons place, and start searching for things to send Dan Templeton. I know I have a lot of duplicates as well as things I no longer need. So if you have extra boxes of cones from temperatures you no longer work at, extra brushes, sponges, ribs, trim tools, etc. put them in a padded envelope or small box and send them. And of course, a little donation to help him would help a lot as well.

It's 6:30, I've had my last sip of my first cup of tea, and it's time for me to head out in my nightie and do my morning hand watering. It's going to be another 100 degree day in Southern Oregon, so we'll be heading over to our sons place before breakfast to harvest some veggies and do a bit of hand watering.

Hopefully in the afternoon the TV repair man will arrive to fix this bedroom TV, although I must say the quiet after dinner last night was lovely!

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