Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doesn't everyone garden in a nightie

These 100 degree in the shade days are going to continue for the rest of the week, which is why I was out in the back yard at 6:30 this morning, in my nightie, watering, planting, dead heading and re-potting a bunch of things.

After breakfast I decided to have some Sunday morning relax time, do email and turn on the TV for some background noise and see how the championship soccer was going. The bedroom flat screen Samsung was dead! First the Dell XPS laptop dies and now this TV.  That was my first AARGH reaction! But, It may not be dead. Some google detective work on my part turned up a class action lawsuit around these Samsung flat screen TV's. seems there's a little six or seven dollar capacitor in them that is a faulty design, and since Samsung knew about it they settled and did a recall. So why were were never informed of this? And now they tell us, the recall,  and free repair ended in December.

All they could do today was give us a phone number for a repair person We have a second Samsung in the living room, and that was bought in the period where there were still these problems. They knew of the problem and kept selling TV's. According to court records and their attorney's, about 7 million sets are affected. Thanks for nothing Samsung. There won't ever be another Samsung product purchased in this household. Problems can arise with anything; but impeccability demands you own up and fix it and not sweep it under the rug.

Needless to say we spent a lot of time first with Direct TV on the line, after we had spent a lot of  time on our own trying to fix the problem with re-setting everything. So I checked the Samsung book - no help there. Google was next and that's when I found out about the capacitor problem and the class action law suits in 3 states.

Next it was on the phone with Samsung, who informed us that the deadline was December to request the free repair. How were we to know there was a recall when we were never notified! So the best the Samsung customer service people could do was give us a number for a local repairman. That call made (he'll be here tomorrow), it was time for lunch and back to my email and finding out why all my Apple devices refuse to send emails. That problem still isn't solved, but I'm just too weary to get on the phone with Century link and find out whey they're refusing to let me send emails on Apple devices. It's been a technical over load day.

At least I did get to order some soap making supplies in between all of the above busyness, and join a soap making group on Yahoo, where I got some tips and information about some raw supplies. The past couple of days I've purchased some molds, oils and fragrances. Now I just need to buy a few more supplies, a stick blender,  and maybe some kind of double burner electric cook top, so I can make soap in my studio instead of the kitchen. Since soap making is going to be a fall project, I'll have time to check out local charity and thrift shops and garage sales for some of those things.

I had one of those double burner, portable cook tops in my studio in North Carolina , but I don't know if I brought it when we moved. It was pretty ancient and had been used for decades to hold my large wax pan. I'll check the studio and see if by chance, I kept it. Then it will be time to start on dinner. Tonight, it's a simple sardine, onion salad with boiled potatoes, and  cheese and fruit for dessert. It's way too hot to spend a lot of time bent over a hot stove.


  1. If tur on Pinterest, there are some great pages on soap making

  2. Already discovered that. I have pinned a few pages of all those lovely soaps, recipes, hints. etc. Can't wait to try some of them once the weather gets cooler. It's going to be 107F today!