Monday, July 21, 2014

Quiet Sunday in lake country

We had a lovely, quiet Sunday afternoon after a busy morning of  running around town shopping. We took a drive up to Fish Lake for a burger dinner. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it's been in the past, so next time we'll order something else, or try one of the other lakes; but we prefer the smallness, and less glitchy, non resort vibe of Fish lake. I brought my fishing pole but was so relaxed, just sitting near the lake, with the lovely breeze, that there was no need or energy to fish. I did take a little stroll with Bodhi along the shoreline which he loved, since there were several other dogs there who he was happy to meet. He is a very social guy!

In the morning we ran around to a bunch of stores for me to get more of my soap making supplies and a bit of food shopping. No one had the brand of silicone I was looking for, so when I got home I watched a few more mold making videos and saw that there were other brands people were using. So tonight, on the way back from doing evening gardening work at our sons place, I'll stop and pick some up. I did get lucky at Good Will and found a couple of silicone molds made for cooking, which will work fine for soap making.

Later this week I should be able to have all the soap making equipment and raw materials either on hand or waiting for delivery. There are only 3 things left to buy, so that fall project will be ready to go and I can focus on finishing up studio pots. One order is due to arrive on the 29th, but everything else will be here sooner.

Jim is off to the hospital for a test and wants a pancake breakfast when he gets home. Yesterday I made him bruschetta for lunch with the first tomatoes. He was smiling with every bite. I have a lot of baby artichokes that I have to find recipes for. The large ones are easy  - I just stuff them with a bread crumb, parmesan, herb mix. In the past, I always got large artichokes but this year, the plants are giving off a whole bunch of babies. Don't know how that happened. It's a mystery yet to be solved!

I'm still transferring files from the hard drive that I salvaged from the Dell XPS laptop that died, and I have to get my old iPad set up for emails. I was at ATT a few days ago and they got it set up for cellular, but I'm hitting a wall trying to set up my email up on it.  Following their on line instructions is repeatedly giving me error messages about my password and user name, so after breakfast I'll have to call them and see if they can figure this out. None of my other apple devices are sending emails, only receiving them after upgrading to the new operating system. So maybe they can help with that problem as well because I've tried every solution I found on line and even one call to Century Link a couple of weeks ago, proved useless. Maybe this time I'll get a more knowledgeable tech person. One can only hope!

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