Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Have anagama will travel

I'd love to see this kiln in action!

Yesterday's garden day started while I was still in my nightie, hand watering and harvesting and tomato plant pruning, and dead heading flowers in my back yard, and ended at 9:30 last night with me cleaning out my sprayers after my second trip of the day, to our son and daughter-in-laws garden to deal with a watering problem as well as regular garden harvesting, digging up the last of the potatoes in their garden, planting some new beans, and spraying for that horrible fungus and rust that seems to be attacking everything this year.

In between garden chores I made an intriguing Italian mac n' cheese, which was delicious. I checked out a few recipes and then changed them, of course, by adding garlic, bay leaf, a touch of cayenne, some fresh parsley and bread crumb topping drizzled with olive oil an truffle oil. Nice part is that there's plenty left over which I'll use tomorrow as a side dish to go with some fish, or chicken.

By the time I could crawl into bed, I had just enough energy to do a bit more reading up on soap making. Last night it was on making transparent soaps. I made out a list of suppliers and  things I will need to try my hand at soap making this fall, and will be searching charity shops and garage sales this summer for suitable bowls, mixing tools, etc.

Since I'm pretty tired from yesterdays very busy day, we're taking a morning break to have breakfast out; but first I need get my early hand watering done.

After breakfast we'll make  quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some Bratwurst to go  with the roasted potato, green bean, onion, garlic dish I want to try tonight. It's basically a baked veggie salad with a mustard vinaigrette. Hope it's as tasty as it looks. When we get home I'll do some of my early dinner prep, make a fruit salad with almond cream for lunch, and relax a bit catching up with some email, and transferring files from the old hard drive.. It would be nice to find an hour and the energy for the studio, but I think that's wishful thinking today.

After dinner, we have to drive to our son and daughter-in-laws house again to see if the water problem has been fixed, lay down down organic granules to put an end to the chewing critters who are enjoying themselves too much in that garden, plant more bush beans and harvest some of the first cherry and grape tomatoes, beans and snow pea pods, and maybe the first cucumber which looked almost ready last night.. It will be another late night, and tiring day with no time for making pots.

Tomorrow morning we'll go to the Farmers market very early for more starter veggies, then home for breakfast and planting.  I should finally have some time for the studio in the afternoon. I'll definitely be ready for a few hours of sit down work - decorating those last pots for the bisque kiln.

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