Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oregon is on fire

This morning the news is reporting that 150,000 acres are on fire in our state. Luckily, so far, the fires are north and east of us. I hope this year isn't as bad as last year, which was horrific. We had to stay indoors for weeks at a time because at one point we were surrounded by several big fires.

I was out at 7am planting some more beans, tying up and pruning some tomatoes, harvesting some chiles and repotting a,  going to seed, dill plant to make room in the raised bed for the beans, and doing my hand watering. The Serrano chiles are now producing well, so it looks like there will be nachos and margaritas this weekend.  Some critter has stuck his nose into the bottom of my earth box with the big, beautiful tomatoes, and has eaten half of the one just starting to ripen. There's been a skunk smell around a couple of times this week, so it's either him or a large rodent - probably a relative of the one I named Ratatouille last summer, who came face to face with a rat trap and lost, thanks to big time hunter - my husband Jim. Time to find a critter repellant or something more drastic.

Some more soap making goodies (shea butters and a couple of essential oils) arrived late yesterday and I got those unpacked and gave myself some pre-breakfast email, soap making reading and note taking time. Now it's time to make some breakfast, put the laundry away, hit the shower, feed the sourdough starter, turn on the studio air conditioner and watch a couple of soap making videos while the studio cools - not necessarily in the order given. One must always remain flexible, since the unwritten rule that  man/woman plans and God laughs, will always prevail.

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  1. Forest fires are so devastating! I hope no lives or homes have been lost. Here's to rain!