Friday, July 04, 2014

It was a good morning on the river

These beauties were caught right in front of our sons house yesterday morning. One salmon fed over 15 of us last night and guess what we're all having again tonight!

And this morning, our ten year old grand daughter McKenna, caught this beauty. She loves fishing as much as her dad and I. It's definitely in the genes!

Our friends Alan and Heidi prepped and cooked a magnificent dinner for us last night. Alan is a great chef which is why he has all those successful restaurants. You can buy his cookbook "Lemonade" to try some of his great recipes. Last night's dinner was superb. I loved the beet and wheat berry salad. Even people who were non beet lovers, like our son, raved about it. That and the yellow and red cherry tomato and avocado salad went well with the brined salmon.There was also a pasta dish and baked potatoes. And on top of all that he also made a bunch of peach and cherry pies with a crunchy topping and served a la mode. So wonderful!

Nic, our daughter-in-law, a great cook as well, made a couple of delicious dips and Sean opened up some very special wines. I will definitely be going a diet when this week of partying is over but am enjoying myself immensely and will cry later when the scale goes through the roof!

I'll be off to buy the iPod mini around noon. My teen age grandson Brandon, my in person, family computer sounding board, told me that he has one and loves it. I still have to decide if I want the 32GB or the 64. My old iPad is 64 and I believe the memory is half used, so the 64 may be the way to go; but I'll double check that.

My friend Mike said he'd take a picture of the mug I made for him. So when he sends that, I'll post it. Other than that it's going to be a day of shopping for the new device, and maybe some time getting information out of the hard drive of the deceased Dell XPS which I just removed. This may be more than a couple of days project getting that data out, and doing a major deleting of duplicates and things I no longer need taking up space, and then synching 3 devices and this laptop with the iTunes software. With the Wimbledon finals coming up I'll have some nice background entertainment while I get started on all of this done.

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