Monday, July 07, 2014

100 degrees in the shade at dinner time

Thank goodness I got the bulk of my garden work done before breakfast. I pulled up all the snow pea vines in one of the raised beds, cleaned up all the dead leaves from the sick pole beans, harvested beans, did more pruning on the tomatoes and did my usual hand watering. It was 100F in the shade at 5 o'clock, and  I had to go out and do a second hand watering because the flowers and veggies in my large and small windows boxes had already started wilting.

Since my Dell XPS finally died, I've spent the last two days taking it apart, getting to Best Buy to help me deal with two stubborn screws so I could get my hard drive out of the holder. So, last night I started copying some of the data files on to this HP laptop. I don't know why, but this Dynex hard drive enclosure is not showing all the files I know I had on that drive. Fortunately, I have been backing up files frequently on a stand along hard drive and have some files in JCloud on line as well, so I think I should be OK.

The family left for L.A. yesterday morning. It was a great visit and now it's time to get back to our more laid back, nesty, daily life, as long as there are no more computer or other problems to deal with.

Their big, annual party was Saturday, and it was a great success as usual. They raised a good amount of money as well as other things for a local charity at the party. It was a feel good, taste good kind of day. We partied well for a week and now it's time for a bit lighter fare for a bit.

It's too hot to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so tonight I'm making a Burmese stir fry "Wet-Tha Khauk_Swe-yaw". I have no idea how to pronounce it; but I've made it before and it's a very tasty, spicy, noodle, celery, onion and pork stir fry. Wok cooking is the only way to go in this heat. I'm also making a Thai cucumber salad to go with it. Maybe a little cold sake would be nice with it.

I got in the studio for a bit the other day just to slip a few more things. By Wednesday I'll be up to date with my weekly garden spraying and heavier garden chores, and hopefully have most of my data from the old Dell laptop,  backed up. If there are no other computer or other disasters on the horizon, I should be able to find a couple of hours of studio time some afternoons.


  1. We had a reprieve from the heat for a few days and now we are back to 90's and humid.
    Jeff and I miss having good sake readily available. It's very hard to find in this area of NC. During the holidays Jeff ordered some from California, it was our big splurge.