Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Now this is some kind of wonderful production throwing skills

This video is wonderful. I'm sure he could do this blindfolded - amazing demonstration of remarkable, production, throwing skills.

We are back to the well over 100 degree days. It was over 106 yesterday and the heat really got to me. Today I will get all my gardening done before 8am and stay indoors the rest of the day. I have veggies to process for the freezer, after breakfast, and early dinner prep to do after lunch and maybe a bit more time in the studio.

I was in there yesterday but even with the air on it was way too hot to stay in there too long. Too much of that lovely cool air just leaks right through the garage door gaps. This morning I was in there at 5am, trying to make space for the rest of the soap making supplies and  filling a big rubbermaid bin with containers of glaze tests. Seems that one shelf is not enough for all of those soap and mold making supplies.

Yesterday I bought a couple of shelf organizers to make better use of my tall,  metal shelving unit. The wooden one that I unpacked this morning will help. With it's spaced, wood slats, I realized that this little $9, double shelf unit would be a perfect soap drying rack, so I'll probably be back to Fred Meyers in the next couple of days to buy another one just for that job. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to store the rest of those earthenware slip and glaze test batches. Hopefully I can find some space under the Bailey slab roller. It's the only possible place left unless I buy another outdoor storage unit. Now that's an idea!

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