Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pinterest an amazing resource

I discovered Pinterest a while ago, and it's been a great resource for anything you can imagine - all types of gardening projects, and gardening hints as well a amazing photos of gardens, as well any kind of art and craft information, organizing ideas, food recipes for any diet you can imagine and any other information you can think of.

When I decided that soap making would be fun to try this fall, I got a video and a few books from the library, and then I thought it would be a good idea to check Pinterest. Wow! It's a wealth of photos of amazing, creative soaps, links to suppliers, tools to buy or make, recipes, etc.etc.

If you want to look at pottery, find how to pottery videos, hints, glaze recipes, and on and on, it's all  there. It can also be a very good source for getting photos of your own work, or link to your own blog on there. You can create folders that relate to your special interest, whatever they are. People will find you if they are interested in your type of work. If you do earthenware, slip ware, stoneware, soda fire, woodfire, salt glaze, or whatever you do, just enter the key word and it will call up pages of that type of work.

If you haven't explored this amazing resource, you might want to give it a try. Or if you're interested in looking at pottery, gardening information, soap making, cheese making information and some other things, just go to my pinterest page and you can see all the amazing things I've saved for my own perusal, on my home page. Or, you can just type a key word in their search box, i.e. wood fired pottery, vegan recipes, cheese making, bread making, do it yourself project, and on and on.

Our day started early - out the door by 7am to get to our sons place where I finished planting bush beans in the other half of the raised bed where I planted some two days ago. We were so wiped yesterday, we put last night's visit off till this morning. I also had to harvest a few things and put out some organic granules to send those chewing critters, who are eating more than their share, to insect heaven. Maybe they'll reincarnate somewhere else next time. One can only hope!

Then we were off to the farmers market for more veggie starts, and few other things. The first peaches are in so I bought some and will be making a peach cobbler as soon as I post this. From there it was off to the  organic grocery store  for a few items, home to unpack, do my hand watering and finally have breakfast - the lovely croissants that I bought at the farmers market. After all that activity, I decided to take an email break and order some soap making supplies on ebay. I'm not sure I got the best prices but I got a bit of this and a bit of that - enough to get started this fall, once I get all my thermometers and other necessary tools.  I also spent time searching Pinterest and found a never ending supply of soap making recipes, links, suppliers and a huge amount of photos of some amazing looking, hand made soaps.

Then it was time to make a fruit salad with almond cream for lunch. Now that all that's done it's time to start peeling those peaches and make the peach cobbler, prep dinner veggie and get back to moving files from the old hard drive to this HP laptop. My days are busy and flying by way too fast these days!


  1. How do I find your Pinterest?

  2. Pinterest is definitely an amazing resource indeed! Just type in a word or two and poof... almost like a genie! haha

  3. I'm not sure this will work, but Pinterest has an option where I can put someone's email and they supply a link to my page. So if you want, send me your email to mine:
    I don't know if that will only work if someone has already joined Pinterest, or not; but I suspect it should work. I tried just typing my name, and my pottery name, but couldn't get a direct link back to my Pinterest page. The way it works, once you've joined, if you pin something that someone else has posted, you then get an option to follow that persons pins - either all of their folders, or just those that interest you. It's a great resource and so much fun!

  4. Ok ignore my previous Pinterest comment!