Thursday, February 06, 2014

3 snowflakes

3 snowflakes - I swear that's about all the snow we got this morning. The forecast said we'd get 1/4". Jim answered the front door and got hit with these loner flakes and that was it. Rain is due this afternoon - certainly hope we get some. It's desperately needed here.

The studio has been ignored this past month while I dealt with a virus that hung on that long; but I did manage a couple of hours of studio time two days ago to remix a pale green slip, and  slip a few pots which were a bit past leather hard but not bone dry. After lunch I'll get back in there and do some under glaze and sgraffito decorating.

Yesterday I got some of my seedling pots cleaned, filled them with seed starting mix and checked my Farmers Almanac. Looks like tomorrow, according to the moon signs, is a good day to start some above ground cold weather crops like kale, cabbage, collards and peas. So I updated my gardening calender for the month, then spent most of the afternoon going through old seed packages, discarding a lot and putting them in new, dated boxes. Some seeds like tomatoes can still be viable for 5 years or more, so I'll test those in another month or so.

I'm still dealing with old computer problems and as of yesterday, a new one. After a windows update or iTunes update, I'm now getting an  error message and can't open iTunes or install a new one because I'm getting an error message that I'm missing a dll file. Found out a lot of people have been getting the same error after an iTunes update. One of the on line fixes said to uninstall iTunes.So after uninstalling it, and attempting a re-install, I got the same error message, so it was time to search Google for another fix. An ad for RegCure pro showed that they had a fix for this problem,. So, I downloaded RegCure Pro yesterday and it was still running by the time I went to bed and woke up this morning to find that the old Dell laptop had 9042 problems with two categories judge to be critical. And just when I was going to try to fix everything, a half an hour ago, the program froze. So now I'm having to rescan the computer. Has one one here ever used this or any other register cleaning, repair software? Norton says that program is safe, with the caveat that is does crash about once a month. So couldn't it wait until I cleaned the registry! Gheesh! Anyone else had this problem and found a fix???? Some of these registry program cause more problems than they solve!


  1. Thanks....I've been refusing itunes updates and will continue to do so!

  2. You're very welcome. Fortunately I didn't update iTunes on this laptop. It's going to take a lot of time to find a fix for that mess it created on my old Dell laptop. So far, no luck :-(

  3. Have you tried using CCleaner? That helped get rid of a lot of garbage off of my computer.
    Aside from that, I haven't used iTunes in, well, ever. Can't help you there, I'm afraid.

    I used to have a Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop for close to eight years (four of which were for continuous use, the last four for sporadic use; I ditched it after it became too old and problematic; I now use an Acer, which has given me fewer problems than my Dell ever did; just something to chew on).

  4. I haven't tried any cleaner lately. This seems to be a software update problem rather than my usual hardware problems. :-( Another potter friend has offered to remotely get in my computer to help, so I'll have to take her up on that wonderful offer tomorrow. Just got back from dinner with our son and I'm taking an aspirin for this "too much good wine" headache and will deal with this problem tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendations of CC Cleaners. I was going to try the RegCure Pro and Gail said not to use it because it's malware. So i uninstalled the free trail offer before I made any changes. What a mess!

  5. Man. Sounds like you've had a rough month. I hope you're back in the studio creating real soon...