Friday, February 14, 2014

A morning chuckle

This Brett Kern video is a hoot. My favorite part is the one arm wedging - hilarious!

After all this drought, we are now being warned of possible flooding. Maybe it's time to look up ark plans.

I may have fixed that Toshiba hard drive. Funny how accidents can turn into something positive. Yesterday this HP laptop didn't like something and uttered the most gawd awful screeching, screaming, high pitched, non stop sound; and the computer would not shut off. So I unplugged everything, turned the computer upside down in an attempt to remove the battery; but couldn't get the door to open and when I turned it right side up, tried to shut it down, this time it worked. So I reconnected everything and took a peek at that stand alone hard drive; and the ever present message saying it needed formatting showed again. This time I selected the quick format and lo and behold it seems to have worked. So right now I'm hand copying my documents drive. It has progressed a bit but seems to be stuck in one spot for the past 15 minutes. So I may be celebrating a bit prematurely. :-(

The rain never let up enough for me to plant those peas, but I'm hoping I can get to that today. We have a delivery that I have to sign for today and a pickup scheduled, so I'll have to be here in the morning while Jim is at the store getting me a couple of things for my Mexican chicken and margarita dinner tonight.

I'm planning on a little bit of studio time after lunch - finally! A couple of days browsing Pinterest has definitely given me a little motivation to walk away from these computer issues and the ever growing paper pile. Happy Valetine's day everyone!

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