Saturday, February 22, 2014

East Asia slipware 3 potters exhibit

Watching this was like a meditation - just lovely. And that little white teapot - what a treasure!

Yesterday was a very busy day and today will pretty well be the same. The seedlings have been watered and the scallion seeds have sprouted and need to be planted after breakfast. Later this morning the new freezer is being  delivered and I'll have to get that set up.

After lunch I'll be making some pico de gallo and pinto beans to go with tonight's El Pollo Loco chicken, There's also an upgrade of iTunes to do at some point, since I'm getting an error message when trying to sync my iPod. There's always something with these computers.

A Ceramics Monthly arrived yesterday and it would be nice to find a few minutes to peruse it; but I've been watching some of the Olympics during and in between chores and haven't had much time for reading other than email, a quick scan of the morning paper, some Pininterst inspiration viewing with my morning tea, and a couple of Facebook minutes.

The new grogged clay is patiently waiting for me to give it some attention. Tomorrow may be the day! But first, the slab roller once again must be cleared. It's my only work surface but it has to double as a holding area. I might just find time to do that today. I will certainly try.

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  1. Lovely little video, June. Thanks for sharing!