Friday, February 07, 2014

10 Best Cities to be an Artist

10 Best cities to be an artist
Interesting article. Think my choice would be San Francisco with Atlanta a close second. I never like to be too far from the ocean and a milder winter climate is definitely a factor for me. I'd probably settle for the Napa Valley - close enough to the Ocean and San Francisco, and a little slower paced.

This morning I'm continuing copying all my data to my stand alone hard drive. All the documents and photos are done, so I should be done with that job today; and then I can try fixing some of the problems with  friends help. Some wonderful Facebook friends warned me that RegCure Pro is malware and suggested I remove it, which I did.

This morning I watched the rest of last nights Olympic coverage and Jay Leno's last Tonight show. I'm so glad I taped it! It was a wonderful and emotional goodbye.

We had a lovely dinner with our son last night and I was somewhat over served. Boy, does he have a great wine cellar! When we got home we watched part of the Olympics that I had taped, and by ten o'clock, my throbbing head informed me that the wine had won, so I took a Tylenol for the headache and called it a night.

It's raining today and I'm hoping we get a small window of no rain so I can get out and plant a few snow peas. My little seedling cells are ready to plant, so I'll be starting the first group kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and leeks today. Our son is coming over for a bit so I'll have him take my grow lights down from the rafters, and I'll get those set up this afternoon.

Today is pretty much a repeat of yesterday - computer work, some kitchen time, gardening chores, dinner at our sons and little, or no time for the studio. I'm taping the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and we'll watch that when we get home. One of the NBC people doing the coverage said she's been to a couple of rehearsals and said it's going to be a great show. It is certainly the costliest Olympics ever - costing more than the last 3 or more Olympics combined.Wow!

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