Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cooking and computers

Did some morning emails, fed my sour dough starter, and spent some time browsing through Pinterest looking to get me inspired to get back to work. Now that breakfast is done,  I thought I'd take a blogging break before I head to the kitchen again to make some cookies that will be in the mail for a unsuspecting, hard working, recipient  friend of a friend who could use a treat. If this sounds confusing, I'll explain.

Gail Galusky gave me hours of her professional time a few days ago, and did an amazing job to get my computer cleaned up a lot, got iTunes uninstalled and re-installed, and refused any compensation. After my bit of insistence, she finally suggested I made some cookies for a friend. What a great idea. She termed it "pay forward". :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times Gail!

Yesterday we went out to the mall (my once a year visit into that den of commercialism and confusing shopping), in search of a new comforter and new sheets and it was a useless trip. Some food shopping, lunch out, a stop at Ross for less, hoping they may have something we'd like in their bedding department was also a bust. After getting home, there were groceries to unpack, more seed pots to fill, spinach to plant and dinner to make.

My first seedlings of escarole, broccoli and cauliflower are up and the first fluorescent grow light fixture is set up in my office/meditation room. If this rain lets up, I have some peas that have sprouted on damp hand towel paper that could use planting outdoors. Otherwise this will be mainly a cooking and computer day with a bit of time getting some potting soil in a couple of small pots to transplant a few small basil plants.

After 3 days of formatting a piece of junk Toshiba stand alone hard drive, which I hoped would make it work again, turned into a bust. When I tried to open the drive I got an error message telling me I need to format it. What the h*ll! GRRR!

Seems these Toshiba hard drives can go to sleep and never wake up under some circumstances. So I will be looking for another stand along hard drive or maybe some on line storage. I had signed up for Jcloud and that was a bust. It was about  hundred dollars and didn't tell you how slow it's transfer rates were; and of course, it's only after you pay for the service, you find that out and they then offer you faster speed for a lot of extra dollars of course. With the problems with this stand alone hard drive, I'm not sure what direction to take for backing up my photos, music and data files. Any suggestions and recommendations  would be greatly appreciated. 

This spring I'll be buying a new laptop - just waiting to get past a month or so of mercury retrograde and seeing the direction some of these companies take in the next couple of month. It's either going to be a new Dell or I may finally switch to Apple. I'm really sick of Windows and that's putting it mildly! The latest version 8  is gawd awful from all I've heard and read, so one option would be to get one with Windows 7 and hopefully upgrade if they fix windows 8 or use Windows 7 and upgrade to windows 9 down the line.

Apple's new screen evidently sucks - doesn't display well outdoors, and the other Apple downside is it costs more, gives you less memory options, fewer USB ports (only 2 in their high end laptop), and I'd have to pay for a lot of new software. So the consideration are going to be will Apple fix that screen in the next few months, will Windows 8 get fixed, and will my software work with Windows 8 since I had problems with some of it even working right with Windows 7. Basically it's two not so great choices at the moment.

Time to forget about computers for a couple of hours and make some toll house cookies.


  1. I made the switch to apple in 2009, no regrets. It's snowing here in NC, toll house cookies and a hot cup of coffee sounds good about now!

  2. I see that you're getting quite a bit of snow. Stay warm. Wish I could make you some hot chocolate and share some of these cookies! Did you have a big learning curve with the Apple? Also, did you have to replace a lot of software. That's one of my concerns.