Friday, February 21, 2014

Smogasboard kinds of a day

We were out and about with meetings and shopping yesterday. After a lot of research (way too much really), I finally settled on a freezer which will be delivered tomorrow. After an over two hour meeting at the lawyer's, it was time to shift into shopping mode. The first stop was the Asian grocery, then Fred Meyers for more groceries and finally Best Buy to order the freezer. All I could manage for dinner was a simple pasta Puttanesca which was easy since the sauce was already made.

So today became another smorgasbord kind of day, seedling watering, email and a few house hold chores after breakfast and then heading to the garage/studio to find places for and move a couple of bags for rock salt, and a few other things, as well as getting my very heavy slab roller pushed back an inch  to make way for the freezer.

Then it was time for lunch and veggie prep for the pea soup I made for another day.

I've also been making an easy reference, spacing and fertilizer chart for my square foot gardening beds. This year I will fertilize a bit more which I didn't have to do last year with that beautiful, very rich potting soil we used in the new beds. I have Mel Bartholomew's formula, from his Square Foot gardening book,  for making my own organic fertilizer but I will have to do a lot of searching around for some of the ingredients, like green sand. Composted leaf mold is another ingredient in the recipe, and I sure don't have any access to it in this house and I've never seen it for sale; but I will check Google to see if there is a commercial source for it.

Fortunately there was leftover quiche for dinner, so now it's time to finish my square foot garden spacing/fertilizing chart,  get that pea soup in the freezer, and make a marinade, and prep the chicken and get it marinated for tomorrow's El Pollo Loco chicken dinner. After that I may just have time to read the morning paper and a couple of days of snail mail; but I won't take any bets on that happening since I fell asleep sitting up last night after another busy day.

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