Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day to buy some clay

The rain is back. Maybe I really should be searching out ark plans! First, there's breakfast to make and then off to the pottery supply store for a grogged version of my clay body, then to Harry and Davids so Jim can re-stock the wine cellar,, followed by food shopping at the organic grocery store and lunch at the Chinese buffet; and lastly, a quick look at freezers at Best Buy.

Thanks to a lot of searching on line, I found a few items that will make good  hump and slump molds and am eager to get some slab work done once I get the right clay. I've been using the grog free version of this body for throwing; but it needs grog if I want to do slab work. Guess I'm finally ready and even a bit eager to get back into the studio.

Last night I finished revising my garden plans and made new charts. Morning seedling watering and checking is done. More spinach popped up overnight, as well as the first leeks. The seedling nursery is doing well so far. My office/meditation room/greenhouse has a ceiling fan  and keeping that on, I have found, protects the seedlings from damping off - so far.

As soon as the rain lets up - hopefully,  in another day or so I'll be planting some scallion seeds and fava beans outdoors. Last year I planted those fava beans too late. Since then I have found that you are supposed to plant them the same time you plant peas. This time I'll plant them are our son and daughter-in laws garden, where I can space them further apart and guarantee larger pods. You don't get a lot of harvest for them as is, so I need to maximize the potential and doing the in the square foot gardening method didn't yield much. Planting them later as I did, was probably another reason for the lower yield.

Well, time to hit the shower and have a light, breakfast of fruit and nut bread before heading out and about for a day of shopping.

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