Saturday, February 15, 2014

Takashi Yasudo wedging video

Nice alternative wedging method. Looks like it woud be a lot kinder on the wrists.

Not sure what today is going to look like. Got one computer backup fixed and backed up but still not able to get Norton to back up to the Toshiba stand alone hard drive on this HP laptop. May have to see if I can get some on line help from either Norton or Toshiba. Norton isn't able to recognize the drive and everything is saying the drive is fine. Also, when trying to copy and paste a file folder into the drive I'm getting that error "Incorrect MS Dos function". What the heck does that mean. So it will be back to Google to see if there are some suggested fixes. So far, nothing I have found has worked.

Meantime I'm going to enjoy my morning tea and watch the last hour of last night's Olympics coverage that I taped, thanks to Direct TV. We don't own a smart phone, but we do have a smart TV. 

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