Sunday, February 23, 2014

Planting time or another woman plans God laughs couple of days

It's been in the sixties, and no frost is forecast for the next ten days, so I went out to plant some of the sprouted scallions that I didn't get to do yesterday. Realizing that that my tiny table top grill was not going to work for cooking two chicken halves using the indirect heat method, Jim and went out before breakfast in search of a new grill. The early shopping was necessary because the new freezer was going to be delivered late morning. 

After breakfast there was the garage to sweep out and get ready for the new freezer. After lunch I had to get those un-assembled pieces of the new Weber grill  out of the box and put it together, as well as do early prep of some of the dinner sides. The grill worked great and I'm looking forward to trying more recipes using that indirect heating method which worked great for the chicken. I never had to baste or turn the chicken with this method - just used the right amount of coals, lay out the chicken cover and in 30-40 minutes it was brown, and perfectly done.

This morning I google "top Barbecue cookbooks" and found a good list and ordered a couple of used ones. If I need more information, I can check out county library system. There's much to learn, since my barbecuing has been limited to throwing a steak or burgers on the grill once or twice a year.

So today was the new day to plant those sprouted scallion seeds. Again, I thought - short easy job - just put some root fertilizer and compost in one square, work it in and plant. Unfortunately, I forgot to note on my last years planting grid, that I planted four squares of garlic in that bed late summer; and on top of that, there were also chives that needed to be moved. So a quick job turned into a much longer job of digging out deeply entrenched chives with a trowel, cleaning out a big pot with a deeply rooted, late annuals, so the chives could happily live where they never have to be moved.. 

There were also two parsley plants to dig up and move, and a few more squares to clean out. By this time my back was  begging for mercy, so I called it a day for the gardening, and will l dig up and transplant all that garlic tomorrow.

Now that my back is out of spasm, it's time to prep the veggies for tonight's yaki soba noodle dinner.  I might just have some sake with that tonight.

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