Monday, January 27, 2014

Early southern pottery collection

These pots were auctioned off two days ago. There are some nice examples of early southern pottery.

Jim seems to have gotten this flu bug so we're giving each other a lot of "poor baby" hugs. Chicken soup was on the menu again last night. Good thing I made a big pot and froze some.

Tonight it will be a simple, comforting pasta dish  - maybe just mac and cheese and steamed broccoli. I'm not up to spending hours cooking at the moment and my aching stomach is not up for anything overly spicy.

I'm grateful that we're retired and can just sleep and rest till these bugs run their course. That's the pony in this manure pile right right.

Hope everyone else is feeling OK and making lots of pots and enjoying some good weather. Looks like we may be getting a bit of much needed rain in the next couple of days. We've already had a couple of fires this week. The whole valley is like a tinderbox right now.

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  1. So sorry to hear you have the bug! My other half had that last year and I (knock on wood for this year) avoided it somehow and doused everything in Lysol! There is nothing quite like spraying Lysol in the general direction of your other half! Ha!

    I had the fortune of seeing the Ferrell collection before it was broken up, and I can tell you that the pieces sold last weekend were the tip of the iceberg! Quite an incredible collection (of which I still wonder where the rest went) and always sad to see great collections broken up and broken down.