Friday, January 24, 2014

All baking no clay

This was my day yesterday. Never did make it into the studio. My energy ran out after lunch and my glands starting swelling again, so it was time to just sit down and work on computer clean up and watch some TV. As a friend said about this virus yesterday "this bugger has tenacity"!

I'm really happy with my new pizza dough. I think I'll just add a hair more salt to it next time but the texture is great and it's got a crispy, yet foldable bottom much like the typical New York style pizza I grew up eating. I used a little free program called pizza calculator to come up with a recipe that fit my requirements. Other than a bit of tweaking here and there, I will keep the basic recipe. It would have more flavor if I did a cold rise method, letting the dough sit in the fridge for two or 3 days where it can create a bit of a sourdough flavor. Come to think of it, maybe I can just try using my sourdough starter and see if I can get that flavor in one day. HMMM - always something new to try. The other option is do what my friend Ron does and add a bit of rye flour to the mix. Oh yeah, there's a couple little tweaks to try next time.

I'll do early dinner prep after breakfast.  I'm making potato pancakes tonight. All that frying messes up the kitchen but it's such a comforting, vegetarian meal, that it's worth the greasy cleanup a couple of times a year. Not sure about getting into the studio; but my body will let me know later; but I'll heat the studio just in case.

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