Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday morning scones and studio time

Can't believe I actually got a couple of days in a row of some studio time and it felt good! Yesterday I threw a few things and did some clean up and other chores. The clay was way too soft, so I need to get some firmer clay in the next few days as well as some grog to have on hand. Mean time I'll just throw mugs, cups, small bowls and low, wide serving bowls.

My next clay purchase will be a grogged version of this current body since this grog free version warped on the small, slabbed pieces I made as pattern stamps, even with being covered for a couple of weeks for slow drying. Glad I found that out before I made a bunch of a larger slabbed trays and other things.

Part of studio time yesterday was tidying and organizing. The heat gun is now cleaned, and off the floor and hanging on a hook, within easy reach. The drill is also off the floor and close by( on a one of the shelves of my roll out bat cart). I also had to clean the two plastic boxes with all my under glazes. Having them open, and on the floor, next to the wheel, while throwing and trimming, turned out not to be a good idea. The jars and boxes are now cleaned, covered and safely away from clay splatters and wheel trimmings.

I finished decorating a couple of pots and got them in the kiln and got another couple of shelves loaded and ready for these latest pots . It was a good reminder that I need to do some research on lighter weight kiln shelves for this electric kiln. On second thought, maybe I can find a way to cut down the few advancers I kept when we moved, since there isn't even the most remote possibility of my building another large soda kiln, or better yet, maybe, I can take them to one of these granite suppliers and see if they'd cut them for me.

 I once cut a couple of my silicon carbide shelves; but I sold that larger diamond lapidary saw and don't think I can use the smaller one for this job, because the case is too small to fit the shelf.  I'll have to see if I can find a local stone cutting place willing to cut them. That will save the cost of new shelves and also make space in the shelf cart for other things.

I turned the studio  heat on at 5:30 this morning, and at 7am I braved the still, very cold studio and cut the pots off the bats, and got them inverted, and covered. They should be just right for trimming and slipping after breakfast. I was very surprised that they dried that much in the unheated, cold, drafty, damp, garage/studio overnight. Good thing I checked them very early this morning. There must have been enough residual heat in there when I turned off both heaters around 8:30 last night, to get them to this stage.

Time to make some Sunday morning scones. If the studio heats up in the next couple of hours, I may actually be able get in there after breakfast. Right now if feels as cold as a meat packing locker. Remember the scene in Rocky with the brother-in-law wearing gloves while working in one of those lockers? That's what came to mind while I was cutting pots off the bats in my pj's at 7am! 

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