Monday, January 13, 2014

Wonderful post on converting an old electric kiln to gas

Thought some might find this step by step electric to gas kiln conversion useful. It's very detailed and anyone would be able to do this. You can always look at your local Craigs list for freebies or even put your own request out for a non working electric kiln.

I cancelled my blood work appointment - still coughing and wheezing and sneezing too much to risk giving this to anyone else or picking up some other bug at the hospital.

Have lots of tape Australian open matches to watch in between the wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

Jim is off to the hospital for his blood work and he has a small shopping list from me. Tonight is going to be a good night for a pot of home made chicken soup.


  1. Reposting this as I think it went missing the first time. I had to laugh. I had a cold last week and whinged about it on a Jewish friend's blog. Her reply, predictably: "Chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup - let me know if you need a recipe"

    Just as well it's clearing up, I'm off to Thailand next week for a month of Thai massage training. However I hear that Chiang Mai is also the centre of Thai celedon so I'm hoping to visit some potteries too. I've started a blog over on Wordpress to document it.

    Stay wrapped up. You are very wise to give yourself the time you need to let this bug work itself out.

  2. Chicken soup has been called the Jewish penicillin; and I should of thought of making it when I felt this bug coming on. How wonderful that you are going to Thailand! I'm not familiar with Thai massage. I'll have to check that out. Sounds intriguing! And of course, you are going to eat all that amazing Thai food, and visit some potteries as well. Sounds like heaven! What's the blog address? I'll put it on my blog list.

    1. Gah - I think the reply I just posted got swallowed too - but you might find two versions of this in which case delete delete....

      The blog is at

      Thai massage is amazing. Closer to a visit to the Osteopath/Chiropractor than "Swedish" rubbing of muscles. I got taken for my first one by a friend of a friend in Bangkok on a stopover on the way to Australia to visit my sister. I was so blown away I went back to do a course. Now I'm officially fully trained - but there is always more to learn. Like pottery in that regard. Also useful to have strong potter's thumbs!