Sunday, January 12, 2014

An amusing statement on artist statements

Took all my cold/flu/decongestants/fever reducer meds and then read some emails and found this cartoon to share. An earlier, similar cartoon about crafts shows that I posted a while back, was hilarious and more so because of the inherent truth in much of the humor. This one hits the mark as well.

I'm grateful that while spending a lot of time the past four days dealing with this flu bug, which looks like it's slowly on it's way out, that there have been some entertaining things to watch on TV. My mind is still too foggy to do any serious reading, so the books I have by my bedside will remain unopened a bit longer.

Watching the U.S. Figure skating championships last night and this afternoon, followed by the Australian open at 4 o'clock, and tonight the Golden Globe awards will fill in my day nicely.

Yesterday I perked up enough to make tacos for dinner and we'll be having them again tonight. Thank goodness Jim doesn't mind leftovers. Usually I skip a day between but he enjoyed them so much he requested them again tonight. To make it more interesting I think I'll  make margaritas to go with them tonight. This body could use the extra vitamin C right now.


  1. I think this entire series is a riot. I hadn't seen this one. As you say, a great deal of truth in the humor!
    Toes crossed that all is well soon!

  2. They are funny. I've only seen this one and one with the craft show customer. I should check you tube and see if there are others.