Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nice Jake Allee video on making a darted textured pitcher

Lots going on with this pitcher and Jake shares his technique and his design choices. And I thought I was the only one who found that inside old ball point pens are hidden wonderful pottery tools! LOL

Jim is off getting the car serviced and I'm house bound waiting for our sons wine delivery, writing checks and other paper work. I got most of my hand watering done before breakfast but I'm in the house till the wine arrives or Jim gets back. Then I'll be going out to plant, since there was no time for it yesterday.

This afternoon will be for planting, since yesterday was a day to get Bodhi to the vets early for a day of teeth cleaning, shots, blood work, etc, breakfast out, then on to Ashland for a bit of play time which only amounted to peeking into 3 shops (the Tibetan Buddhist shop was the best!), and a big food shopping binge at the Market of Choice and Shop n' Kart which is the only place around selling great cheese blintzes. Guess what we just had for breakfast? :-) I got a few great cheeses - really splurged. But our daughter gave me a list of the 5 great cheeses you have to try before you die. So I'm going to indulge. They're ordering a couple on the list and we'll get back there Friday to pick them. One tiny piece of cheese was as much of one of Jim's bottle of wines! It's better be good; but I reminded Jim that the same volume of good caviar is even more expensive than that tiny piece of cheese. I sure hope it's worth it! I'll be trying it as soon as the pear ripen.

Then we drove to our sons place on the river and I did a bit of hand watering and weeding there, and then back to the vets to pick up Bodhi. Too bad he can't smile, because his teeth are glemingly white! Then we headed home to unpack all those groceries, make dinner, cover a few tender plants for the night,  and retreat to the bedroom for rest, email and some Yard Crasher TV and blessed sleep.

Time to write the last membership check. Our daughter says I need to slow down, so this is part of my slow down time.:-)

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  1. LOL tell your daughter that she'd better speed up to catch you! I'm always inspired by how much you achieve, and as they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.