Monday, May 12, 2014

Interesting Ukrainian slip decorating video

I don't speak Ukranian, but a picture is worth 1,000 words, so enjoy and if anyone understands Ukrainian, maybe you can tell us what he's saying!

This morning it was planting time at our son and daughter-in-laws garden. With the exception of one tiny spot, all 6 of their raised beds are now planted. I will have to get back there tomorrow to replant a few bush beans since some hungry birds have decapitated a quite a few of these newly sprouted beans.

Today I set up a couple of cucumber lean to's and planted  a couple of mounds of cucumbers, as well as some chili peppers, basil and a couple of eggplants. I ran out of mushroom compost, otherwise I would have planted a few other things in the flat area of their garden Weeding and watering topped off the garden work there.

I had to stop on the way home to get another bag of mushroom compost and pick up a couple of food items.
 Once home, car unpacked, I crashed in the bedroom, turned on the TV and fell asleep watching some clay court tennis from Russia. Now it's time to think about tonight's dinner. 

Last night I made a delicious, old fashioned meat loaf, with a new recipe I put together  after reading a whole bunch of classic ones on line, and loosely remembering my mothers meat loaf. It turned out very well and will now be my new "go to" meatloaf recipe. The nice part is that there's enough leftover for dinner again tomorrow night.  Tonight's dinner is bratwurst, boiled, buttered parsley potatoes, corn and applesauce. After a heavy duty gardening and shopping time, I'm opting for this easy, no fuss dinner tonight.

If anyone wants to look at my meat loaf recipe, you can find the link to my other blog in my blog list on the right of this blog page.

Our in the car lunch of pistachios and a tangerines on the way home, doesn't make for a filling, meal,  so I'd better post this blog and get my achy tired self into the kitchen and start cooking some meat and potatoes.


  1. I'm wondering how he gets the slip in those bulbs, must draw it up. I made a meatloaf this past week as well with some ground bison. I'll check out your recipe.

  2. Linda, if you look closely at the syringes, the tip part is removable. It looks like he added pieces of goose or duck quills as extenders to create smaller, tip, openings.