Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dreaming of mojitos

Feel like I've been in a sauna all day! It was still hot out there at 7pm! The forecast was for high 80's but I think it wound up well over 90 today. At 8:20 pm it's 88!

I finally found some okra starts at the farmers market along with a few more goodies  to eat and plant. There were a lot of interesting vendors there, even one man sharpening knives. There was only one potter selling mugs and sponge holders, many ethnic food vendors, several artisan bread bakers. various honeys, home made jams, soaps and too many other goodies to list. 

Some growers had plant varieties that none of the local nurseries carry - things like borage which I bough, and other more unusual herbs and veggies. I bought a really nice coreopsis which is a different variety than I've seen anywhere else. I bought that, as well as a luscious, purple penstemon which the hummingbirds are going to love. I was like a kid in a candy store! Good thing I've run out of space to plant for the most part or I would have filled the car.

They had organically grown starts for most of the heirloom and other tomatoes as well as many of the other veggies that I started myself, so next year I think that I will buy most of them at the market and only grow the two tomato varieties that nobody sells One vendor was selling morels and other wild mushrooms but I didn't think they'd go with the crab cakes I was making again for tonight's dinner. I don't know if the morels will be around next week, but I will splurge if they are and make sure the dinner I plan that night would be perfect for some  morels sauteed in butter with minced shallots and a bit of pale dry sherry.

After one last stop at Fred Meyers for a low planter for the outdoor coffee table, and more potting soil, we headed, unpacked the car, and had the lovely croissants I bought at the farmers market. Then we drove to our sons place where I pulled out some old, going to seed lettuce and planted one of the okra plants,  pruned a few tomatoes, did a little weeding and a bit of hand watering.  The fishing pole still has not gotten out of the car - but it will soon, I hope.  I was too tired and too wilted from the heat and just wanted to get back into an air conditioned car.

After stop at the grocery store for some corn on the cob for dinner and a few more groceries, it was time to go home and stay put for the rest of the day.

After dinner I got the last three planters of annuals planted and hit the shower. Tomorrow is another day, and I'm planning on a  very early start planting these last 6 perennials. I'd also like to get two hangers installed on the fence for the Hummingbird feeder and a cascading, cherry tomato which I potted tonight. Then I can finally look forward to some summer fun in the pool and some happy hour, poolside mojitos and margaritas this summer. The mint is on hand, and I bought some limes today, so Mojitos will be part of poolside happy hour early next week. Oh yeah!


  1. I have your blog attached to my dashboard and I start reading your posts but when I get to your blog with the black background and white words, it hurts the eyes and I find that I can't stand to read the whole post. Just letting you know that it is difficult to read.

  2. Judy, I changed the font and hopefully you will find it easier to read in the new posts.

  3. It is easier to read. Thank you.