Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A extruding project video

Found this video while perusing Pinterest this morning. I don't see any reason why someone couldn't just make square slab and do the same project,. This spiral  shape could be used to make small boxes, smaller jars, bud or larger vases, lotion dispensers, cruets, etc.

Still can't find any okra starts after visiting a couple of nurseries the past couple of days. I have some okra seeds, so I'll get them soaking and plant them in both gardens tomorrow, along with some nasturtium starts that I bought yesterday.. They're good to plant near, but not too near, squash plants since some insects which attack the squash prefer the nasturtiums. Plus, the nasturtium flowers are edible and the leaves may be as well. I'd have to double check that..  It looks like I will be finished with the bulk of planting as I hoped, by the end of this week.

It was over 90 F yesterday, so I quit after about an hour and a half of garden work at our son's place. I'll have to finish over there tomorrow. Since it's going to be even hotter today (an expected high of 95F), I'll start some planting in my garden right after an earlier, than usual breakfast. This just may be the day I get in our pool. It's been over 2 years since we've been here and I've yet to go in the pool or the spa. That's quite a shift from my youth, when it was hard to get me to come out of the water. I never understood those girls sitting by a pool tanning themselves when they could have been doing an imitation of Esther Williams doing water ballet or being brave enough to dive off the high board. Such fun memories, except the time I was either courageous enough or foolish  enough to attempt a back dive off the high board and let's just say, I had an unsuccessful, painful landing on my back.. Guess that's another reason to call it a back dive!

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