Sunday, May 18, 2014

It is done

 It is done! Every inch of plating space is planted at our son and daughter-in-laws place, and waiting for nature to now, do her job. For me,  it will be time to just feed, weed, water as needed and critter check every other day or so.

My fishing pole never left the back of the car yesterday. With rain in the forecast for today, I decided to finish their garden. I was determined to be done with all or at least 99% of my spring planting in both gardens by the end of this week.

Today's rain puts off finishing my own little bit of planting. Yesterday morning I re-potted all the orphan tomatoes here before heading to our sons place. It was a perfect day yesterday and I pushed myself to the max; but felt so good to finally have every inch of that vegetable garden planted. I even had a couple of leek seedlings to bring home since there wasn't a spot left, that I could find to plant one more thing!

As soon as the rain ends, tomorrow or the next day,  I'll plant my few leeks and a couple of fill in bedding flowers and my garden will be done other than waiting to see if one of those orphan tomatoes winds up being an Opalka tomato. If it is I will probably just plant it in a pot and give the rest of those orphan seedlings away.

Other than cooking, today is going to be a day of rest. There's one more clay court tennis final to watch and a paper pile to deal with. My garden notes and feeding chart were completed last night, so I can dig into my paper pile and make a dinner and shopping list for the week. It's roast chicken dinner tonight - perfect for this rainy day.

Jim said this years gardening made him think of the Pope who kept asking Michelangelo, "when will it (the painting on the Sistine chapel), be done.  My answer is, "It is done, well, almost!". Blame it on the rain.

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