Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch kiln unloading

Here's another video thanks to Dough Fitch and Hannah McAndrew, unloading their wonderful, wood fired, slip ware.

If you interested in my garden and kitchen efforts of today, feel free to read on. 

We set out after breakfast for some more planters, and new mouse for  my computer. I got the new planters prepped, filled with potting soil and set in place.. I bought a bird bath and got that set up as well. The back yard is going to look great once we get a few weeks of warm nights so these annuals can take off.

A pot I bought for my little gardenia was too small, so  I'll be back at the store tomorrow to return it and get a larger one. Tomorrow I'll get them planted along with a  few bedding plants in the front yard. 

I'm waiting for this spell of cool evenings to give way to warmer nights next week and then I can plant the rest of these tender plants - some here, and most at our son and daughter-in-laws garden. They have 9 raised beds and I only have enough extra remay for two of  them.

Before dinner I covered all the tender veggies with  old studio towels and  heavy duty remay. After all the days garden chores, I managed to bounce back after a short break and make dinner - salad with greens from our garden and mushroom ravioli with an amazing gorgonzola dolce, cream and wine sauce. Jim said it was the best pasta dish he's ever had - definitely a keeper recipe . And of course he brought out a lovely Italian wine to offset all the cholesterol in that amazing sauce!

Tomorrow I'll get the rest of those  new planters planted  and maybe head over to my daughter-in-laws garden. I want to set up a cucumber trellis and build a couple of mounds for summer and winter squash over there.  It's been a real juggling act planting two gardens with this crazy weather, but I think I'm managing it pretty well, so far.

Tonight, I promised Jim and myself that I'm done with adding new planters this year.  I would have been in the studio this week, but I just couldn't resist buying those star jasmines and a few more annuals and perennials, which then necessitated a three or four day search for the right shape, color and sized pots for those jasmine.. And so goes my garden passion this time of year. The clay is beckoning, in fact, nagging at me lately, so  it won't be long before I'll be covered in it instead of all this compost and potting soil.

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  1. Hi, I enjoy your posts - hearing about your pottery, gardening and cooking. That mushroom ravioli with the gorgonzola sounds heavenly! Can you post your recipe? Thanks! Margaret