Monday, April 28, 2014

Winding down after a few days of family visiting.

The house is pretty quiet. After we all went out for breakfast, our daughter and son-in-law continued on to Seattle. They'll  be flying back home to Munich, Germany tomorrow.  It was a great visit as always. They flew here after their busy and fun filled Florida vacation and were ready to mainly vegg out, after doing a bit of shopping. Erin shops for food items she can't get in Germany and there are always visits for TJ Max, Ross for Less and one or two other places for jeans other goodies that are a bargain here compared to European prices.

I stopped at the nursery on the way home for a couple more annuals and some ferns to replace those that died over the winter There were no fern replacements in stock but I did get a few annuals to put in those fern pots and got those planted as soon as we got home. There's nothing sadder for a gardener, than looking at a pot or a garden with plants that didn't make it through the winter. At least now there's some color in those pots until I can find those fern replacements.

 I also bought a Star Jasmine and it smells so good, I want to go back tomorrow and get another one and maybe I can train them up the posts of the pergola. They also had a red penstemon which I also bought. The hummingbirds love that plant, and now I have to find a place for it!

 Jim and I spent the rest of day of getting the house back in order. After several days of rich eating, margaritas and lot of  very good wines, we switched gears tonight and just had pea soup and tuna salad sandwiches for dinner. It was perfect for this cool, damp and rainy day. We did indulge in some dark chocolate covered cherries for dessert, though.

It's going down to 35F tonight, so after dinner I once again took several flats of tender seedlings back indoors for the night and doubled up on the remay covering on my raised vegetable beds. By mid week they're forecasting an 88 and 90F day. The poor plants are having to deal with the thirty and forty degree rising and falling temperatures, as well as some hail the other day.

This weather of ours is nothing compared to the tornadoes and storms occurring right now in the east. Time to up prayers for all in harms way. It looks very bad.

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