Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another lovely video of Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch at work

Got to spend a few minutes catching up with some blogs tonight and was happy to see a couple of new posts and videos from Hannah  McAndrew and Doug Fitch. Since I don't have any time or energy for the studio right now, I was happy to see that other people are busy in their studios making wonderful work.

As for me, it's been and continues to be time for family, planting and taking care of two gardens and spending a lot of other time in the kitchen these days.

Our son and family were here over Easter and our daughter and son-in-law, who live in Germany, arrive tomorrow, so today was for finishing up some planters and doing some tidying in the back yard.  It was cold and wet and wasn't a fun job; and of course the sun only came out after I called it a day. Since I had to get the guest room ready and clean up my office which has been subbing as a plant nursery, the rest of the back yard tidying will have to wait till late tomorrow morning when it warms up a bit. 

Even with this seesaw, hot then cold weather, both gardens are doing well. I was surprised yesterday to see that there's a ripe strawberry to pick; but I'm saving that first one for our daughter. Erin There are flowers on some of my pepper plants that I've been bringing out every morning and bringing in at night. Potato plants are over a foot high in my raised beds and not far behind at our sons place;and we've been harvesting lettuce and asparagus for about six weeks now.  I'm hoping that by next week the night time temperatures will be high enough,that with the remay covers at the ready, I'll be able to plant some of these more tender veggies in both gardens. I'm getting a bit tired of bringing these tender veggie and herb plants in and out twice a day; but they are certainly doing well with all this attention.

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