Friday, April 11, 2014

Linda Arbuckle show at Akar design

Looks like there are only 3 of Linda Arbuckle's pots still available. Lovely work as always!

As for me, it's still all gardening and cooking and computer time with emails, and other household chores.. Yesterday we headed for the garden center and I came home with 3 trays of annual flowers and veggie starts. After unloading the car I got some more things planted and watered, prepped and filled a new planter, fed all the containers in the front of the house and atrium, some in the back yard and trimmed the last couple of damaged perennials. By then, it was time for dinner prep.

Since I'm still a bit on an Italian kick,  for dinner, I made chicken Francaise and asparagus grilled after being tossed with a tiny bit of olive oil and good quality  balsamic vinegar. Jim isn't much on lemony tastes except in margaritas! :-) So, I cut the amount of lemon in half and he loved the recipe.

This morning, after breakfast, I moved the pepper and eggplant starters outdoors for the day and got the last earth box into place, so all the planters are now where they will be permanently living and I'm waiting for my helper to arrive who will be checking  the whole drip system and adding a few more for the new planters. He'll also turn on the automatic watering which is going to save me a lot of time every day.

The tomato plants were left out overnight and all seemed to fare well. The people at the garden center told me they don't cover any of the veggie seedlings this time of year unless temperatures go down to 36F, so it looks like we're OK for at least the next ten days.

While James, our garden helper is working on the drip system, I'll be fertilizing and transplanting a lot of these veggies. Things are looking really good now, and it looks like I just might reach my goal of having all my transplanting finished here by the beginning of next week, other than peppers, eggplant and basil which prefer night time temperatures no lower than about 50F.  They would survive if I planted them now, but experience has shown me that it slows down their growth if planted when night time temperatures are below 50 or close to it.

 Next week, I'll focus on my son and daughter-in-laws vegetable garden. I have  lot of veggies to transplant there as well as hand watering to do every other day, since they haven't had the people in to set up the automatic watering for the season and  may not have that done for another week or more.

Keeping in the Italian mode, I promised Jim stuffed clams for dinner tonight, so I'd better start on those transplants now, so I can get to the store right after lunch for the clams.  Ciao for now!

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