Sunday, June 01, 2014

Nice decorating idea using resist stamps

This is an interesting use of these sticky stamps. I think this technique would work well with slip in earthenware to resist areas where you want the red clay to show. I'll have to check out commercially available stamps. Might be fun to try it either with available stamps or creating your own.

I'm having a totally vegg out day after 3 busy days of mainly fun and some garden and cooking time. Our son Sean is in town and has taken me on two fishing trips down the Rogue river the past couple of days. It was great fun but I'm now wiped. All day fishing in the sun is great, but also tiring. Fortunately I have enough energy to hand water my plants and cook; but that's going to be about it other than watching the French Open tennis, and email.

We caught a lot of trout and cut throats and I cooked my keeper rainbow trout for dinner Thursday. Yesterday, was another good fishing day, but no fish worth keeping. We didn't catch or even get any salmon bites but a friend on one of the other boats got a really nice one. And they caught enough keeper trout for last nights dinner.

Most of our catch was either native fish which we can't keep or too small to keep, except one which we threw back. My old rock hounder eyes spotted what looked like a light colored agate buried in the river bank somewhere around Trail, and I asked our guide to get up close enough for me to dig it out and it turned out to be a small, split, lovely geode, with an interior, inner layer of blue agate or chalcedony and a hollow center filled with minute crystals - very pretty. I didn't know we had geodes in this part of Oregon.

Sean gave me his iPhone 4, now that he has the latest version. I'll try to play with that a bit today, but after trying unsuccessfully last night to set up the WI-fi, I'm thinking that I need to get to an ATT office and buy some minutes for the times I'll use it for on line access when WI-fi isn't available, incoming calls, etc.. This is all new to me since the only iphones we've ever had are the non smart type Trac phones where you just buy minutes as you need. Jim has enough trouble trouble figuring out that simple one (there's were a couple of days of incessant grumbling noises emitting from his office when he got that phone). This smart phone looks a lot like my ipod touch, so I should have no trouble figuring it out once I get it set up - I hope! LOL

Right now it's time to head for the kitchen and make our Sunday bagels with smoked salmon and Neuchatel cheese breakfast. Hopefully, this brain food will help me to understand these iPhone instructions.

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  1. Even a bad day of fishing beats a lot of the alternatives.