Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Liz Zlot Summerfield decorating demo sample

This is a nice promotional sample of Liz's decorating process, in her new video which you can purchase through Ceramic Arts Daily.

This morning I ordered a couple of pattern rolling pins that are use for cake decorating. I promised my ten year old grand daughter McKenna that she could come and play clay with me this summer, so I'm trying to come up with some other textural things that would give her some way of getting some patterns on little slab plates, cups, Christmas decorations, and other projects suitable for a young beginner.

Bodhi is off to the doggie groomer this morning and there's morning garden chores, and pesto to make for tonight's pasta dinner; but I will get all afternoon in the studio, which didn't happen yesterday. I shifted the afternoon plan and went to take care of my daughter-in-laws garden and we didn't get back till almost dinner time. It was over 90F yesterday and I was concerned about the tiny seedlings I had planted two days before; but fortunately they weren't stressed, but I gave them a bit more water anyway.

Picked my one lone, yellow wax bean yesterday, so we will soon have enough for me to try out some new recipes. There's a Lidida Bastianich bean and potato recipe that looks like a good one to try. Life is good!

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