Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Dough Fitch and Hannah McAndrew kiln opening

Just love how well they document their work and firing results. Some great pots in this somewhat uneven firing. We all know that one! Better to re-fire the under fired pots than over firing.

Yesterday was a full gardening day for me in two gardens. Today will be easier, as I just have to deal with my own garden and a quick Chinese stir fry dinner.

I've spent the morning organizing some garden fertilizers, sprays, etc, and getting another order in for more organic garden supplies, and finding the recipe for tonight's dinner. It will be a flank steak stir fry using some of my over abundance of snow peas. Time now to get a bit of breakfast and on to my morning garden chores.

Looks like I might just get some studio time after lunch. It's a start. Once these vegetables start coming in in great abundance, I'll be a lot busier in the kitchen. Twenty four or so tomato plants are going to give me a lot of salsa, tomato and taco sauce to process. At least this year I only planted a couple of zucchini plants so I won't have to look around town for open car windows to share. :-)


  1. You just had me roaring with laughter about posting zucchini through car windows. Your corner of Oregon must be something like The Far Side cartoons. "Oh no Alma - we've been zucchinied again!" I have four plants in but last year I came across a recipe that calls for 1Kg of them for soup. We just picked the first two little ones this weekend.

  2. LOL! Four is what I planted last year. After I don't know how many loaves of zucchini bread, zucchini fries, sauteed zucchini, tomato based vegetable soup, zucchini onion tomato cheese casserole, ratatouille, etc. and uncountable free deliveries to whoever would take some off my hands, I decided this year to only plant two plants in one hill. I admire your bravery in planting 4 of them again! :-)