Thursday, June 19, 2014

My phone is now smart

We were out to the farmers market before breakfast for some croissants and veggie starts which I'll be planting later today. It's the only place that I've been able to find these very young lettuce and other veggie seedlings. My early lettuce and cilantro are now pretty kaput and time to pull it out and re-plant. I had to stop at the ATT office after that and got all the information about cellular plans, usage, etc for my Apple 4s smart phone, which our son recently gave me when he upgraded to the latest one.

I opted for the pay as you go unlimited phone and text plan with 1 Gig of data use, to see how this will work for me. This phone will offer us a lot more flexibility than Jim's not very smart phone, which was no use to use the time we got lost on very dark roads and had no way to look at a map. This smart phone also has a handy compass built in. There's a thing called voice memo and a few others goodies that I don't have on my iPod touch. I'll have to check some of these on line and find out just what they do and how to use them.

Since it's too hot to garden here this afternoon, I'll be spending time seeing if my printer can print out the users guide for this smart phone, then cleaning a lot of unused apps in my ipod touch, get it re-synched and hopefully, get some of my photos and apps downloaded on this smart phone. There's a Nike ipad app which looks like you use it to test the merits of your exercise routine. I can definitely get rid of that one. My iPod touch had double the memory, at least, of this new phone, so I have to do a lot unused, rarely used app deleting as well as delete a lot of photos and rarely listened to music.

I actually got four hours in the studio two days ago. Not much got done since it took forever just to re-mix under glazes that had been sitting far too long. I managed to finish decorating a special surprise mug for a friend, which took forever. There were very small numbers that I had to use as part of the decorating and not even the smallest brush worked well, so I had to do a lot of drying, scraping and re-slipping and re-decorating; but I finally got it done.  At the time I regretted that I never bought one of those ceramic black under glaze pencils! I'm just hoping that the slip I had to remove and re-apply to  a bone dry pot, didn't crawl when bisque fired yesterday. I'm almost afraid to look, but I will - later!


  1. Jeff and I took the leap to smart phones this spring. So far we have found them very handy.
    Good luck with your underglaze. I hope we get to see photos of the special mug.

  2. It made it through the bisque. This is a "joke" mug. Our son and a friend have this funny competition thing going on. So when our son gave him a housewarming present, he had a special mailbox installed that was the same as the one he has, only the gift one was smaller; and of course they stand side by side. So I made Mike, the friend, this mug showing the mailboxes. I took a photo of them, then flipped it so Mikes looks bigger and then used tracing paper to get a rough drawing on the mug.I had the darndest time writing out the tiny mail box numbers in under glaze, but it came through OK. I'll get it glazed and fired this weekend. Right now I have a lot of work to do cleaning up my computer before re-synching my ipod and then getting some of those apps and music on to the new smart phone.Mercury retrograde hit again with trying to sync the iPod touch last night. So, this morning I'm doing a software upgrade and hoping that will stop the error message from hell, which gave no reason for why the sync stopped working other than to say Windows will let me know if they ever find a fix. AARGH!