Monday, June 23, 2014

Lovely new Phil Rogers documentary from Goldmark

I love Phil Rogers work. There's such quietness, yet strength in his pots. The details are often many, but the pots are never busy. For me, they're the kind of pots you would never tire of viewing and using. It occurred to me that some of that hakeme slip decorating could be used in earthenware, so I'm eager to try it on some yunomis and small tea bowls.

My husband always thought that much of my work had an Oriental feeling, which may not be surprising since Yi dynasty  Korean and the works of some potters from Japan, like Hamada Shoji and Kawai Kanjioro are at the top of my all times favorites list. We do assimilate all those pictures we view so often, and store them somewhere deep inside, which allows them to become part of our unconscious or conscious process at some point or another.

This morning was for the usual garden chores, email and now, some early dinner prep. This afternoon, I'm heading to the studio to mix up my clear glaze. I hope all the ghastly borate in that glaze hasn't out gassed and caused it too appear thicker than it really is, otherwise, I might just let that batch dry out and reconstitute later, or add some darvan. First I'll test the specific gravity.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday, once I finished my 7 am garden spraying, and other chores. Thanks to my friend Kay who sweetly got me out of the house to go to a fund raising Craftsman style house tour in town, it turned into a lovely play day. My bad hip ached all night after all that walking and particularly going up and down all those steps during the tour, but it was worth it. This bad hip is now affecting my sleep, so I am probably going to get this one fixed sometime in the next six months, or so.

Time to start chopping tomatoes, slicing serrano chiles, and grating cheese for tonight's nachos. Jim will take on his usual job of squeezing the juice for the margaritas.

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