Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mug eye candy

Check out this link for 24 very unique mug designs - some pretty awesome, practical and humorous ideas.

Yesterday was a re-charge day for me, so other than absolutely necessary garden and cooking chores, I spent time trying in vain, to create a web site on Wix, using one of their templates, which wasn't very open to my efforts to make changes. Instead, I switched over to my blog template and re-worked it to what you're seeing now, which I think makes it more easily readable.

I will continue my search for web software since my Frontpage software is no longer supported by Microsoft or Host Monster, my current web host. Since I have to fairly quickly decide whether or not I will renew that or find another host that supports Frontpage, or find another reasonably priced, user friendly software that Hostmonster or another service will accept. Any suggestions anyone?


  1. We have been exploring No software needed. There are lots of free themes or you can purchase themes. The only thing is, your site probably won't transfer. You will have to start over. It seems very easy to work in, you won't need to write any code unless you want to. Your blog could also be transferred to be on your website.

  2. Thanks Michele, I'll check that out. I'm not having trouble with this blog. These templates are pretty easy to change. The problem I had was trying to create a web site with WIX. The template I chose was not user friendly to moving things, makes boxes smaller, etc. So I either need something as user friendly as this blogspot software or some web creating software that is and will also work on my current hostmonster server. I'm also exploring using ftp to make changes to my current site. Microsoft doesn't support the software any more but I found some ftp instructions for uploading my web page using that instead of the the hostmonster usual mode. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

  3. June ... Check out Mea Rhee's site @ I believe it's done with Weebly (bottom of the page says powered by Weebly) although she may have had some customization done. I did my site (, using Wordpress a few years back but wasn't happy with some of the functionality so went searching again and ended up using Soholaunch as it was offered free with my hosting package (Hostpapa). However it's no longer part of their offerings ... not sure what that will mean in the future if I have issues. ..... Brenda

  4. June- is for building a website. Jeff just did one for CCM here in North Carolina:
    Updating the website is almost as easy as using blogger. The other good thing about wordpress is that you alone own your content (not you and blogger) and it is stored on the server that you paid for. Jeff also moved the CCM blog over from blogspot so that it would all reside on the same server.

  5. Michele, I really like the web site Jeff created. Did he use one of the free templates or purchase one? I'd love to know which one he used. Some of the previews I've been viewing aren't showing that particular layout. Maybe I need to dig deeper!