Sunday, August 03, 2014

Tomatoes and peppers are doing great

My two earth boxes are loaded with tomatoes and peppers.; and the hot peppers and other tomatoes in the raised beds are doing just as well, and maybe even a bit better if I got by size of the largest tomato in the garden. I'm going to have to look up a lot more tomato recipes soon, and probably do a bit of canning and/or freezing in another week.

Went to the store after breakfast to buy some canning jars and pectin and was ready to make peach jam when I got home, and the bottom rack of my big canning pot is missing, and no where to be found! AARGH. It's another thing that may have just gone walkies during our move. Looks like peach jam is not going to get made today or till I get a bottom rack. Oh well, there was Buffalo wings, fresh corn on the cob, garden fresh wax beans and margaritas for dinner. I shall not complain too much!

Got my gardening chores done before 8am. It's was smoky out there and got worse as the day progressed. We now have 7 fires here in the valley,  plus that very large one east of Ashland, so it was a good day to stay indoors once my morning gardening, and a trip to the local farm for corn and another quick stop for some canning jars and a few other pick up groceries.

I  found a vintage canner rack on Ebay this afternoon, and it should be here within the week. The Amazon reviews on the new ones were not good (the word flimsy came up a lot) so it was time to look up vintage racks and Ebay has quite a few. Fortunately, peaches will still be in season for another couple of weeks, so there may yet be some home made ginger peach jam in the Perry cupboard this fall.

Since the day's plan was thrown off,  I got in the studio a bit and moved some things around while searching, in vain, for the bottom rack of the canner. I think I can free that whole shelf  for those test glaze containers. I'll finish that right after breakfast tomorrow.

 Jim wants a quiet Sunday at home and he'll get his wish, but not until after the morning drive to our sons place for me to do some garden chores.

I should get the whole afternoon in the studio since, at Jims request I've put off gumbo making till Monday. He loved the corn so much he wants it again tomorrow, so corn on the cob, a tomato salad with these garden fresh tomatoes and a mild Italian sausage will make for a fast, easy dinner in this 100 degree weather and give me a decent block of studio time, which has been a rarity for me this summer. Next year I'll be content with just dealing with one garden to care for. That's about all this old body can manage these days if I still want time and energy for the studio.

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