Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funk isn't just a ceramic movement

So many people in a funk lately, including two of my favorite bloggers, so what the heck is going on! I haven't blogged for the past 11 days because I've been dealing with my own funk. The way the past 2 weeks have gone, I feel like the guy in the old joke, who stands up in the filled stadium and says, "ten thousand people and the bird had to shit on me!".

Of course it could be worse. It always can be; but the past two weeks have made me want to stop the world and get off. Kiln shutting off at 700 and then almost 1000 degrees, and having to abort my soda firing, unloading it next day and re-wadding everything, then getting a deep gash on my pinkie trying to deal with frozen kiln plumbing. I switched gears fast, put a double bandage on the ever bleeding pinkie and glazed enough earthenware pots to  fire the electric kiln. Next day was for unloading, pricing and packing and going off to the yearly luncheon show that was a total dud. So far, no positive change in what the universe was sending my way.

It doesn't help to sell anything to a group of retired women with houses already filled with stuff, and it's especially not conducive for people to want to look at members work, when one member of the club has a stroke in the middle of lunch. The poor dear passed away the next day. Well, at least this 74 year old, well worn body was still moving; but barely.

Next morning I woke up feeling like someone had sucked every ounce of energy out of me and I spend all day sleeping on and off dealing at the same time with intense stomach pains and a low grade fever and wondering "What now!". After three days of that, it seemed to be leaving but I was still darined. Self diagnosis, made it pretty clear it had been an intestinal virus. Evidently, they last 3 days, so I figured I'd better get back to living.

The past few days I've been dealing with catching up on food shopping, dealing with garden maintenance and the  abundance from two gardens, making pizza sauce, marinara sauce and today, a tomato based vegetable, macaroni soup. Yesterday was the first day I felt like my energy was coming back, so now I'm checking out the weather report for the next ten days and starting to think about firing that little soda kiln as soon as the replacement baso valve arrives and I can get someone to deal with that frozen kiln plumbing. I have one, still a bit store, scarred pinkie to prove that some things are best left to the professionals!

PS: I did make some good use of that down time. I started a Soda and Salt firing group on Facebook that now has about 140 or more members.


  1. June, I think you need to find a young protoge' that would help with some of the grunt work in exchange for some of that knowledge you have. If it weren't for the 4000 mile commute, I'd volunteer myself. I do agree that having member have a stroke in the middle of an event probably helped put a damper on your sales. Those are a couple of my favorite bloggers too. May we all have some peace, happiness, and ice cream.

  2. June, with all of your energy, you should start up an etsy shop and forget those non productive shows, they just take too much energy, mental and physical. Etsy is easy, many tutorials online to get you started. Is has sure been a funk of a summer for me, but from outside sources, I'm looking inward for awhile, it's happy in there :)

    1. Agree with your on the shows; but this was an exception since it was our Eagle Point Womens club. I have an Etsy account but frankly, I'm just physically burned out at the moment and have no idea where my energy went; but gone it is. Our son took me fishing this morning and I came home after first picking a bunch of apples and pears from their orchard, hand watered my potted plants and fell asleep for two hours and feel like I want to sleep some more. My get up and go has got up and went. Hopefully it will come back or maybe I just have to realize I'm ancient and need to rest more! LOL