Thursday, August 14, 2014

Started a Soda Salt fire group on Facebook

One of the members of my Yahoo soda and salt firing group suggested that it might be a good idea to start a Facebook page for the group, so I did that yesterday. Here's the URL for anyone interested in soda or salt firing to check out. I still have to figure out how to get members messages to post in the main body of the page instead of on the left side.

The Yahoo group is moderated to avoid spam mail and the group has been very quiet as of late, but it's a good repository for a lot of soda and salt flashing slip and glaze recipes, as well as photos of members work and kilns. I think the Facebook page, might bring more activity to the group since I allowed anyone to read or post on the page.

Because of the rain yesterday which prevented me from candling over night, I decided to put off the firing a day and load today so I could candle over night. It makes firing day a lot easier that way.

We had some lovely barbecued ribs at our sons last night and right after dinner a couple of the guys went out with the guide to fish the salmon holes right in front of the house. Within minutes we heard a lot of celebratory hollering and they caught the first of salmon for tonight's dinner, so I don't have to cook again tonight. What a treat!

After morning watering and harvesting chores I'm heading right to the studio for the day. Since I put off loading yesterday I wound up glazing and wadding more soda pots, mixing up a bit more wadding, and weighing out a test batch of turquoise oribe and using that as an accent glaze on one of the mugs since I don't have any cone 10 test tiles on hand.

This morning I need to clear the slab roller (my only work table), which means clearing the short side of the table and moving the earthenware pots waiting to be glazed to that side, and getting all the soda pots that are decorated on the table so I can decide which ones to load for this firing. There are enough pots already decorated to do a couple of firings in this tiny, four cubic foot Olympic soda test kiln (now my only soda kiln) so I just have to decide to pick a selection of pots to add the already fired ones to take to the Eagle Point Women's club luncheon/sale next Wednesday. I have no expectations of 20 or fewer, mainly retired women, buying any pots, but it will be the easiest show I've ever done, since they supply the tables and covers and all I have to do is set up some pots on an 8 foot long table and get to know more of my neighbor ladies.

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