Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soda firing on schedule for Thursday

 Since it was obvious to me that I wouldn't have enough good earthenware pots for a decent display in 8 days, and my clear glaze needed settling before I could glaze, I decided to shift gears and do a soda firing. I have plenty of finished work to choose from and just needed to make a liner glaze and one or two of my accent glazes, do a bit of wadding and glazing and be ready to fire in two days.

Miracle of miracles, I actually got what amounted to a full day in the studio yesterday and it felt great!  Soda firing is my passion and I haven't felt this good about being in the studio for a while. Wish I could get as excited about the earthenware as I am about soda firing.

The morning was the usual gardening chores at two gardens, but afternoon was all studio time and I even went back out after dinner and worked till 9 o'clock.

I made a small batch of my bright blue celadon liner and wadded more pots and got enough pots glazed and decorated for a firing. Since rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow, I'm aiming to fire Thursday which will be the coolest day in weeks. It's forecast to be in the 80's which is a great change from the 100 plus degree and 90's we've had for weeks.

This morning I have to make up a tiny batch of amber celadon which I use watery thin to make flashing orange halos. For insurance sake, I'll wad and glaze a couple of more pots this morning and if I have time maybe make a small, 1000 gram batch of my temmoku liner for a few pots. I'm not sure a couple of these pots will fit on these shelves in this tiny Olympic kiln. .

Dinner is my leftover spicy Mexican stir fry chicken and margaritas, so it looks like I will have plenty of time to at least finish these soda pots and maybe even work a bit on the earthenware if that glaze has settled enough since yesterday for me to pour off the excess water.

Time to do my morning hand watering, breakfast and off to the studio for the day.

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