Friday, August 08, 2014

Bisque unloaded

Got the bisque unloaded last night and forgot how few pots were actually in there! I had a lot of test tiles and impression stamps and not many pots that could be for sale. The teapot is a special order for our daughter, the large bowl is one I made for us. A couple of the pots have a problem with the slip cracking and I think it may be because I didn't slip them early enough - still learning on this earthenware journey. With this scant amount of possible pots, I may just have to fire my soda kiln early next week. The pots are made, just have to line and do minor glaze decoration on a few more. I'm not thrilled with firing a soda kiln during these mid 90 and 100 degree days but it looks like I may have to.

One nice thing about earthenware is that you can fire bisque and glazed pots in the same load. One of my experimental decorations turned out to be ugly to the max.  It might have been OK if I just omitted the bright blue center on the plate.  This was definitely a case of the need to remember the "less is more" philosophy.. 

 I'll head to the studio late morning after all my garden and other chores, and start glazing and decorating these pots till late afternoon when we have to go to town for some shopping and dinner out. There definitely won't be enough earthenware pots for the sale in a few weeks, but I do have some finished soda/salt pots that I can add to the mix, and if I get another small soda firing in, all should be fine.

These are for our women's club annual luncheon and members craft display/sale, so I wasn't wanting to lug boxes and boxes of pots to start with,  just make a small presentation of my current work, have a nice lunch and finally meet some of these ladies, after over two years of being a member and being too busy or not intrigued enough  to attend a single event.

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