Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bisque firing day

Doing a bisque firing today. The kiln isn't full, but I have enough other bisqued pots to fill it for a glaze firing, so all is well. I signed up for the Eagle Point Women's club annual member sale/show and I have about two weeks to get all these pots finished, which shouldn't be a problem, even with only half days available for studio time.

There's no expectation that this is going to be any kind of a money generating event, since so many members of this club are retired and on fixed income and this is not a club with a huge membership; but I figure that after living here almost 2 1/2 years, it might be time to temporarily end my happy, almost hermit like existence, and see if there are any kindred spirits in the community other than my friendly neighbor Kay.

My garden spraying was done by 7am and I just have to get the hand watering done before breakfast and the rest of the day will be for cooking and re-mixing two of my glazes and decorate and glaze the few bisqued pots on the ware cart. I'm hoping that the air conditioner will make the studio comfortable, even with the kiln on; but that remains to be seen. If it turns out to be an oven in there, I'll put off those chores till tomorrow, which may not be a bad idea, since I've been fighting some kind of bug which has really zapped my energy the past three days.  I'll continue with my mega vitamin and oscillicocinum therapy and keep moving, albeit, at a slower pace.

Half the slab roller table is clear, now that the soap making storage area is complete, so I just have to clear the rest of it and get it ready for glazing. This big slab roller is my only work table, so I'm always having to clear it for the next job. After decades of having very generous sized studios, it's still taking me time to get used to all this moving and shifting in such a tight space. It's doable, just a pain in the butt at times. But this is a first world problem, so I'll quit my bitchin'.


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