Sunday, August 10, 2014


This is yesterdays first harvest of Corno de Toro frying peppers. These grew in half of one of my earth boxes. Bell peppers are in the other half.  Needless to say these were part of  our hero of  fried sausage, onion, and of course, pepper dinner. The rest will be used again tomorrow. Maybe I'll add some tomatoes to the mix and serve it over pasta instead.

The kitchen table is covered with onions, potatoes and shallots which are drying and a part of the kitchen counter is covered with tomatoes. My dinner menu is governed by the abundance of the days harvest, so tonight I'm doing a Mexican chicken, tomato, onion and serrano chile stir fry and margaritas.

The maintenance and generosity of these two gardens is taking up at least half of my days working hours, ; but I did get a full  afternoon in the studio yesterday. It took almost 3 hours just to re-mix six of my under-glazes which resembled settled concrete after sitting for months. I managed to wax the pots, get those under glazes remixed,  which entailed  a lot of pounding, grinding in a mortar and straining (not fun), and at the end of the day, after waxing and re-constituting those under glazes, I had only decorated  one mug and one bowl.

Today should go quicker since not too many pots need a lot of decoration. The only glitch will be if I have to re-mix any more under glazes.  Time to hit the shower,  then do some hand watering out front because someone working on the lawn broke one of the drip system connectors and I would have lost a lot of plants if I hadn't discovered that yesterday. It's always something!

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