Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Propane ouch

Didn't get the kiln shelves done yesterday because the propane people didn't come till late afternoon and I didn't want to set up saw horses in the driveway, be in the middle of a job and have to dismantle everything. The checkbook is now over eight hundred dollars down after writing the check for the propane. OUCH!

I did get the replacement pots thrown yesterday but not sure of the white clay body I used since I think the bag was mis-marked, so I dried out a tiny test pot and am firing that to cone 10 this morning in one of my tiny test kilns. If it doesn't melt down or badly warp then I'll know it's cone 10 and will slip those pots tomorrow.

It's Jim's 78th birthday today and he requested poached eggs for breakfast, and we're celebrating tonight with dinner with friends. The caviar I ordered for his birthday present is due to arrive tomorrow. I serve it on little, buttered toast rounds, topped with finely chopped hard boiled eggs and onions - food of the gods. It's a delicious, decadent and indulgent treat. I didn't know that beluga is now considered part of an endangered species and no longer available, but fortunately, the other high quality caviars are still available for these very special occasions.


  1. Happy 78th Birthday to one of the tallest (and greatest!) emcees in the business! When I read Steve Ryan & Fred Wostbrock's 'Ultimate TV Game Show Book', (on page 82) I was shocked with the omission of Jim's name/height as one of 'Twelve Classic Game Show Hosts Who Stand Six Feet Tall or Taller'.

    Had you been featured in the book, you would have been listed #2, behind Art Fleming, who was also 6'4". (Note: Emcees with the same height were listed in alphabetical order).

  2. Todd Schuster11/9/11, 9:34 PM

    No question June. Agree with Woody 100%. One of the game show world's underrated great hosts.
    Seemed like only yesterday & there was big Jim all decked out in 3 piece suit doing Card Sharks & of course Sale of the Century. A class act in more ways than one. Happy birthday Jim & many more.

  3. I'm a day behind on my blog reading. So happy belated birthday uncle Jim!